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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Loss of faith

Loss of faith

So what does a “good-faith effort” to compensate landowners within 1,000 feet of the proposed I-526 extension really mean to Charleston County Council members?
When they used those actual words in an amendment last December passing a resolution to extend the expressway, did they then do so in “bad faith”?
Some of us at that meeting certainly thought County Council meant monetary compensation to landowners (actual amounts to be determined later) and the SCDOT must have thought so too, or it wouldn’t be balking at signing off on this project.
Perhaps county residents should have “no faith” in council promises and refuse to vote for those council members coming up for re-election who passed a resolution with their fingers crossed behind their backs.
Angela Jones
Executive Committee
Robert Lunz Group
S.C. Chapter, Sierra Club
High Grove Road

This letter was also signed by members of the executive committee of the Robert Lunz Group: Starr Hazard, Christine von Kolnitz Cooley, Pat Luck, Kim McGhee and Laura Moses

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