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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Justin Jay of the Drill Project Has an Update on the upcoming "Living Lowcountry" film

Living Lowcountry
Project Update October 1st 2013

Video Production:
The project has been securing principal photography (video) on the flora and fauna of the lowcountry for a number of episodes before the seasons change.  Our shoots have ranged all over the lower coastal plane from Beaufort to Conway.  Most of the shoots require transportation to sites, including boats, coordination with local project leaders and field work associated with wildlife filming.

Production personnel include; Justin Jay – Director of photography, editor and producer, Austin Fitzhenry – camera assistant and Kristy Bishop – production assistant.

Things to be included in invoices for video production are time spent filming, time spent editing and transportation.  All other costs incurred or the supply of video gear used has been covered by Drill Films.

 Post Production has begun for the first two episodes and includes editing, data management, writing, music, voice overs, sound engineering, titles and credits. 

Listed below are the locations and subjects that have been shot to date for the project.
·       Goose Creek reservoir – Alligators, Anhingas, Ospreys, Cormorants, Ibis and other birds
·       West Ashley – Glass snake, five lined skink, ribbon snake and other backyard creatures
·       Kiawah Island – Sea turtle volunteers conducting nest monitoring and hatchling loggerhead sea turtle
·       Seabrook Island – bottlenose dolphin strand feeding
·       Botany Island – Sea turtle nesting at night
·       Deveaux Island – Researchers from Fish and Wildlife service and DNR banding piping plovers
·       Otter Island – Black skimmers, royal terns, Wilson’s plovers and fish creek tidal creek
·       Seewee Shell mounds – Fiddler crabs,  marsh system, Swallow Tail Kite
·       Francis Marion National Forest – Longleaf pine forest, pitcher plants
·       Santee wildlife management area – Wetland ecosystem, wildflowers
·       Lewis Ocean Bay heritage preserve – Venus Fly traps
·       Isle of Palms – South Carolina Aquarium rescued sea turtle release
·       Folly beach – fishing pier, beach goers, surfers, wood stork
·       Shem Creek – shrimp boats, paddle boarders, people enjoying the creek

                  The website is currently under construction and will be launched with the first episode in late October.  Aspects of this portion of the project involve branding, graphic design, social media networking, web design, and database management.  It is important to have all graphic design and branding (logos, themes and tone) finalized before launch to create a cohesive and appealing delivery platform for our video and outreach efforts.  The website structure is a wordpress design allowing for multiple users to add or edit content with a user friendly interface.  This will allow for Sierra Club interns to play an integral part in the writing and dissemination of outreach content.

Thank You

Thank you Sierra Club for the interest and support in providing this opportunity.  With this project we will be able to reach the people of the lowcountry and bring attention to the beauty of the natural world surrounding us as well as shed some light on the environmental issues that may affect it.  By taking a multimedia approach utilizing short videos on the web and social media we hope to reach as many people as possible using these modern tools.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.

Justin Jay
Drill Films

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